Forget Tenants, Leaky Toilets And Wicked Management Companies. Freedom.

Who We Are

We are at the fore front of alternative investments. We Strive to bring our clients a non- volatile and secure investment they can bet their future on.

Our mission is to deliver life changing alternative investments and financial freedom through passive real estate investments.

we are positioned to offer our clients double digit returns backed by real estate. A phenomenon no where else found.

Stoic Real Estate Capital generates owner financed notes in San Antonio, TX with plans to expand to other markets in the Texas region.

We are well positioned geographically with sufficient demand and supply to last for decades.

The philosophy of stoicism emphasizes that the only thing one can truly control is one’s own thoughts and actions, not outside events. The name Stoic Real Estate Capital was chosen to signify this philosophy in our framework as investors: we cannot control what situations the market or economy presents us, but through disciplined, independent thought, we can take actions that we believe will create long-term value

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  • Meet the Team


    “Thank you Fred the advise on my home. If it wasn’t for you who knows how bad my financial situation would be. Thank u agaian” Jeannette M. Rico

    “Thanks Fred. Thank you for your help, and it is a pleasure doing business with you all. God bless,” Lori Lee

    “Federico is high energy seeking positive results constantly. His passion drives him to be continually successful with real estate investing providing win win solutions for homeowners and investors. A person of integrity and determination.” Christine Sherbert