Forget Tenants, Leaky Toilets And Wicked Management Companies. Freedom.

Who We Are

Stoic Real Estate Capital creates passive income streams for busy professionals that desire to put their hard earned capital to work and wish to be involved in real estate in some fashion but have neither the time nor the inclination to run yet another business or be involved in the day to day operation.

These passive income streams come from creating real estate mortgage notes. In other words, consistent, reliable and stable monthly income secured by residential real estate in one of the most stable markets in the US. San Antonio, TX

We are intimately involved in every aspect of the note creation. From the acquisition, renovation, sale and underwriting. This allow us to mitigate risk and provide stable and secure monthly income investors can depend on.

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The philosophy of stoicism emphasizes that the only thing one can truly control is one’s own thoughts and actions, not outside events. The name Stoic Real Estate Capital  was chosen to signify this philosophy in our framework as investors: we cannot control what situations the market or economy presents us, but through disciplined, independent thought, we can take actions that we believe will create long-term value

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